2012 Astronomical Anniversaries

Date: Wednesday, 1 August, 2012

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Kerr Grant Theatre

What do the ice dwarf Quaoar, the Pulsar planets, Tycho's Supernova, the final Apollo moon walkers of Apollo 17 and the Jovian moon Amalthea all have in common? Come along as Steven Raine discusses some of the memorable milestones commemorating decadal anniversaries this year and how they've helped us understand our cosmos even better.

About Steven Raine

Inspired by the 1989 Voyager-II fly past of Neptune, Steven Raine has been an ASSA and Supernovas member since 1992. He has written for Sky & Space magazine and also writes science fiction, a little of which has been published as well as being a contestant on the ABC TV quiz show The Einstein Factor in 2009. Steven is owned by a cat called Zosma (after the star Delta Leonis), and a Jack-Russell-cross-Fox Terrier named (but not by him) Harry.

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