Astronomical Anniversaries of 2013

Date: Wednesday, 7 August, 2013

Time: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Venue: Kerr Grant Theatre

Abstract: From the tragedy of the fires that blazed on Mt Stromlo to the triumph of Humanity discovering the sphere of distant ice named Sedna; from the early revolutionary thinker Nicolaus Copernicus who literally brought us the most notable paradigm shift to the recent feminist icon Sally Ride taking her first spaceflight; this year marks some significant decadal astronomical and space exploration anniversaries indeed. Come along on August 7th as Steven Raine will discuss some of these significant places, people and history commemorating their anniversaries this year showing how we've progressed and learnt through the ages and through some remarkable work by some fascinating people.

Bio: Inspired by the 1989 ‘Voyager-II’ fly past of Neptune, Steven Raine has been an ASSA and Supernovas member since 1992. He has written for 'Sky & Space' magazine having three items published there and also writes Science Fiction, a little of which has been published as well as being a contestant on the ABC-TV quiz show ''The Einstein Factor’ in 2009. Steven is owned by a cat called 'Zosma' after the star Delta Leonis and a Jack Russell-cross-Fox terrier named (but not by him) Harry.

 Free – visitors welcome

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