Astronomical Sketching

Presented by Martin Lewicki - Adelaide Planetarium, University of South Australia 

Today's amateur astronomers are immersed in a luxury of telescope and imagery technology. Astronomical targets are visually and photographically tracked by Goto technology. Cameras and sensors capture planets and deep sky objects with phantasmagorical detail and colour. Indeed many star parties are increasingly populated with amateur telescopes piping images of selected astro objects to computer screens on site. On the other hand astronomical sketching at the telescope has long been relegated to a quaint pre-photgraphic past. Why would anyone bother to sketch what is seen with a telescope these days? A small but growing cadre of observers are however returning to this old art and are reclaiming a lost satisfaction in carefully peering through the eyepiece and with pencils, smudge stubs and brushes translating what they see on to cartridge paper. While the result is not necessarily scientifically "accurate” the astronomical sketcher gains in another way during the process. 

Bio: Martin Lewicki is a member of the Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA) and is the serving Light Pollution Officer leading the Dark Sky activity group with the aim of abating excessive light pollution and preserving our starry skies. Martin began his interest in astronomy as a high school student in 1963 and joined the ASSA in 1989. In his time at ASSA he has delivered lectures at the Society meetings and published in the Society Bulletin. His speciality is the workings of the celestial coordinate systems and how they are used for positional astronomy. He has given talks on astronomy as far away as at the Planetario de Bogota in Colombia. He also follows developments in astrophysics and optics. He still uses his home-made 6-inch reflecting telescope he made in 1974 to observe the night sky and uses his camera to capture starry sky scapes at night. Martin began lecturing sessions at the Planetarium in 2005 and presents most of the planetarium sessions to schools, clubs and community groups and runs a number of popular short courses at the planetarium.

Free - visitors welcome. Booking not required.

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Wednesday 03 May 2017

8:00 PM - 4:21 PM

Kerr Grant Theatre 2nd Floor, Physics Building, University of Adelaide, North Terrace



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