How We Dodged a Doomsday Event in 2012

Presented by Dr Russell Cockman, Astronomical Society of Victoria

Abstract: In September 1859 the most powerful solar storm in recorded history wreaked havoc on our, then, fledgling technology. Known as the Carrington Event, it is inevitable that a storm of similar ferocity will happen again, but the consequences for our more advanced and more vulnerable technologies could be far worse. In July 2012 a Carrington-type event, that went largely unreported in the media, fortunately missed the Earth, but slammed into an orbiting solar observatory. In his talk Dr Russell Cockman will review the circumstances of the Carrington event, the potential cost of a similar event to our present way of life, what was learned from the observations collected in July 2012 and how the damaging impacts can be mitigated.

Bio: Dr Russell Cockman, an Aussie by birth, has a PhD in Chemistry and has had a life-long interest in Astronomy. He enjoys all things astronomical, particularly astrophotography, cosmology and the Sun, and he has travelled widely to view the Universe under dark skies and to photograph astronomical events as varied as solar eclipses, meteor storms and aurorae. He is currently Vice President of the Astronomical Society of Victoria, and Director of the Solar Section.

Free – visitors welcome – booking not required

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Wednesday 01 Mar 2017

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Kerr Grant Theatre Level 1 Physics Building, University of Adelaide, North Tce



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