The Drake Equation

Presented by Graeme Stanley, MA Hons (Edinburgh)

In 1961, Dr. Frank Drake, an astronomer working in the new field of radio astronomy devised a mathematical formula that attempted to answer an age old question... Are we alone in the galaxy? For the first time, Drake and his team tried to bring scientific rigour to this eternal question. From the rate of star formation in our galaxy, the likelihood of spontaneous bio-genesis to the risk of global self-destruction, this presentation will look at the various facets of Drake's famous equation in detail.

Bio: Graeme Stanley, MA Hons (Edinburgh). Graeme graduated from Edinburgh University in 1998 with a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics. In 2005, Graeme moved to Murthly, a rural village in Perthshire. Living more than a kilometre from street lights gave him greater access to dark skies which reignited his interest in back yard astronomy and astrophotography. In 2012, Graeme moved to Adelaide with his wife and young son. Moreover, he fell in love with the southern sky and joined ASSA within months of arriving. Graeme presented the ASSA public lecture in April 2014 on beginners astrophotography and on celestial scales in 2017. Graeme is a software developer, specialising in mobile apps for Android.

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Event info

Wednesday 02 Oct 2019

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Kerr Grant Theatre 2nd Floor, Physics Building, University of Adelaide, North Tce



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