The Life & Death of Stars (online)

Presented by Mary Adam, Adelaide Planetarium

The stars have fascinated humanity since the beginning of civilisation, from using them to track the different seasons, to relying on them to navigate thousands of kilometres on the open ocean. Our ancestors looked up in wonder at the night sky, the stars their constant celestial companions, and yet, nothing has captured the attention of mankind in history the way Stellar Death has. From the earliest Supernova in recorded history to present day, the life and death of stars continue to intrigue us. This session focuses on the birth of stars, how they differ in life, and their colossal, spectacular death.

Bio: Mary Adam has been studying physics and astronomy for over 20-years. Her passion for astronomy has seen her study online courses run by the Australian National University, which have included cosmology; astrophysics; exoplanets; and the nature of the Universe. Additionally, Mary has studied at the University of South Australia, and completed the courses ‘The Night Sky’, and ‘Stars and Planets’ held at the Adelaide Planetarium, which focuses on the origins of the constellations; star names; the history of astronomy and the physical composition of planets and stars . She has studied under Professor Brian Schmidt; Dr Paul Francis and Paul Curnow (B.ED). Her extensive research over the years of Arabian star names is due to her Arabic heritage and passion for astronomy. Moreover, in 2018, Mary has taken on the role of Astronomy Lecturer at the Adelaide Planetarium, University of South Australia. What is more, she holds a position as The Secretary of the Astronomical Society of South Australia; and Mary regular engages the wider community in a number of popular public outreach lectures she gives throughout the year.

This will be a live, interactive broadcast on YouTube. 

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Wednesday 03 Jun 2020

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM




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