The Council manages the business and affairs of the Society.  It consists of the Officers of the Society, Honorary Life Members and not more than five Councillors. The Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting, with the exception of the President who is elected by the outgoing Council.

The Council currently meets on the Wednesday of the week prior to each General Meeting.

All members are welcome to nominate themselves (or another member) to be elected to Council. Click here to download the nomination form.


Position Name
President Paul Haese
Vice-President David Bennett
Secretary Corrie Carnie
Assistant Secretary Robert Bronca
Treasurer Lynette O'Born
Editor David Rawnsley
Instrument Officer Paul Haese
Librarian Susan Baker
Observatories Director Lyn Grida
Publicity Officer Paul Curnow
Technical Information Officer Tony Beresford
Beginners Councillor Colin Hill
Councillors Mary Adam
Andrew Collins
Phillip Pudney
Natalie O'Neill
Philip Stephen
Honorary Life Members Ian Anderson
Ian Bedford
Tony Beresford
Dean Davidson
Colin Hill
Trish Ellin
Lyn Grida
Joe Grida
Paul Haese
Robert Jenkins
Blair Lade
Paul Rogers
Stephen Scheer
Michael Williams