Membership Benefits

As a member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free Entry to Astronomical Viewing Nights
     Members can attend any of the Society's viewing nights free of charge. Viewing nights exclusively for ASSA members are held each month at the Stockport Observatory, Tooperang observing site, Whyalla and the Northern York Penninsula.
  • Stay Informed with The Bulletin
    ASSA members receive a 20-page newsletter each month to keep them informed on current astronomical news and events.
  • ASSA-Chat Internet Mailing List 
    ASSA members are welcome to join ASSA-Chat, the Society's own Internet mailing list. With over 100 subscribers, this is an extremely useful resource.
  • Astronomical Almanac
  • ASSA members can purchase Astronomy 2020 at a special discounted price.
  • Special Interest Groups
    ASSA members can join in the activities of a number of special interest groups run by the Society. Active groups include Astrophotography, Deep Sky Observing, Variable Stars Group, CCD Imaging and Minor Planet Occultations.
  • The Astronomical Library
    ASSA members can borrow from an extensive collection of astronomical DVDs and books, and read magazines and newsletters from other astronomy clubs.
  • Telescope Clinics
    ASSA members can have their telescopes tuned and serviced at our hands-on telescope clinics, held several times a year. For beginners, basic training and "how-to" tips are provided by our more experienced members.
  • Dark Sky Astrocamps
    Several times a year, camps are held in the Flinders Ranges and other dark sky locations around South Australia for ASSA members. These are a great opportunity to do some astronomy from amazingly clear air and dark skies, coupled with bushwalking and other activities.
  • Seminars & Conventions
    Seminars are periodically run by ASSA for its members. Members can also attend the National Convention of Amateur Astronomers - a bi-annual event hosted by a different Australian astronomical society each year.
  • Astrophotography Workshops
    ASSA members are eligible to attend free workshops to learn the the basic principles of astrophotography and how to take their own photos. The workshop includes taking photos through the Stockport 20-inch telescope.
  • Amateur Telescope Making
    Build your own telescope! These sessions are conducted if there is sufficient interest at the time.
  • Share the Experience
    Share your interest and experience with other like-minded people. There is no better way to enjoy the wonderful science of Astronomy. 

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