Membership Benefits


Please consider becoming a member of the Astronomical Society of South Australia. Membership starts at only $25 a year and includes a wide range of benefits (listed below). Your membership fee also helps the Society host free public lectures by professional astronomers and other Astronomy outreach events each year.

Your ASSA membership benefits include:

  • Free Entry to Astronomical Viewing Nights
    Members can attend any of the Society's viewing nights free of charge. Viewing nights exclusively for ASSA members are held each month at Stockport Observatory, the Tooperang observing site, and the Meldanda site in the River Murray Dark Sky Reserve. COVID Safety Requirements apply -- Details:
  • Stay Informed with The Bulletin
    ASSA members receive a 16-page newsletter each month to keep them informed on club activities and current astronomical news and events.
  • Special Interest Groups
    ASSA members can join in the activities of a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) run by the Society. Active groups include the Astro-Imaging SIG, the Variable Stars SIG, the Radio Astronomy SIG, and the Comets, Occultations, Meteors & Asteroids SIG.
  • Astronomical Library
    ASSA members can borrow from an extensive collection of astronomical books, and DVDs, and read magazines and newsletters from other Astronomy clubs.
  • Dark Sky AstroCamps
    Several times a year, camps are held in the Flinders Ranges and other dark sky locations around South Australia. These are a great opportunity for ASSA members to do some Astronomy from amazingly clear air and dark skies, coupled with bushwalking and other activities.
  • ASSA-Chat Mailing List 
    ASSA members are welcome to join ASSA-Chat, the Society's own internal mailing list. With over 230 subscribers, this is a very useful resource for reaching out to other members.
  • ASSA Merchandise
    Members can purchase a variety of products for sky watchers including ASSA-branded baseball caps, beanies, and badges.
  • ASSA@Home Shows
    Watch and participate in member-only ASSA@Home shows. These live shows are focussed on members sharing their knowledge and experience in amateur astronomy with other members new and experienced.
  • Telescope Loan Program
    ASSA members that do not own a telescope are eligible to borrow a telescope on a short-term loan from the Society. This is a new program that was launched in February 2022. The nominal loan term is 3 months.
  • Telescope Clinics
    ASSA members can have their telescopes tuned and serviced at our hands-on Telescope Clinic. Lately these have been held during our Telescopes in the Park get togethers in central Adelaide.
  • Practical Astronomy Workshops
    ASSA members are eligible to attend these workshops to learn practical skills like buying and using a telescope, observing the night sky, and getting started in astrophotography. Look out for these workshops coming in 2022.
  • ​Retailer Discounts
    ASSA members can obtain discounts at a number of retailers including the Adelaide Optical Centre, BinTel, and Sidereal Trading. Simply ask for a discount when ordering and be prepared to let the company know your membership number.
  • Seminars and Conventions
    Seminars are periodically run by ASSA for its members. Members can also attend the National Convention of Amateur Astronomers -- a bi-annual event hosted by a different Australian astronomical society each year.
  • Share the Experience
    Share your interest and experience with other like-minded people. There is no better way to enjoy the wonderful science of Astronomy.


From as little as $25 per year, you can receive all these benefits and support the promotion of Astronomy in South Australia

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