The Bulletin

Each month the Society publishes The Bulletin -- a 16-page newsletter containing information on astronomical news and events.

Sample Articles

The sample of past articles below provide examples of what appears in the monthly publication, which is sent to each of the Society's members.

  • Celestial Guided Tour by Terry Moon
    Terry shares his notes that he uses when giving a guided tour of the night sky to family and friends. (Feb. 2006)
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  • Gems of Summer by Joe Grida
    Double stars are a great target for urban observers or during moonlit skies. This article, one of a series of four, describes some of the more beautiful double stars visible during the summer months. (Jan. 2006)
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  • Return of the Red Planet by Martin Lewicki & Phillip Pudney
    Every 26 months, stargazers turn their telescopes to Mars as it reaches opposition. In this article, the authors explain what you will be able to see during an opposition with different types of instruments. (Nov. 2005)
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  • Solar System Scene
    John McCarthy writes a column each month which contains information of interest to planet, asteroid and comet observers. (Mar. 1997)
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  • Calendars for All Years 1583-3899 by Ron W. Mallen
    Ron has devised a table which allows anyone to easily determine the day of the week for any of the years 1583-3899 AD. The process involves just three simple steps and no arithmetic - try it, you'll be amazed! (Jan. 1997)
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  • Two Short Stories by Steve Cook
    "My Life as a Lump of Clay" was written by Steve's 13-year old daughter and was the inspiration for the second story, "My Life as a Lump of Sand" - the life story of a 36-inch telescope mirror that will one day soon send snapshots across the world. (Jan. 1997)
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  • Anecdotes from the ASSA-AIP Meetings: 1985-1996 by Prof. Geoff Goodwin
    The Society has held many successful meetings with the Australian Institute of Physics. Prof. Goodwin recalls the speakers and their presentations, along with a story or two about the hazards of organising these meetings. (Oct. 1996)
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  • Who is NGC 6374? by Jenni Kay
    Does NGC 6374 really exist or did Sir John Herschel have other things on his mind when he discovered this "open cluster" in 1837? Jenni tells how she tracked down the truth and provides an answer to this mystery once and for all. (Sept. 1996)
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  • 70 Ophiuchi - Realm of Orange Suns by Steven C. Raine
    In this "Star of the Month" article, Steven writes about a past controversy and speculates about the true nature of 70 Ophiuchi -- a binary star system located a mere 16.5 light years away. (Sept. 1996)
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  • Equations for Eclipsing Binaries by Fraser Farrell
    Fraser discusses a set of simple equations that are used to analyse light curves originating from binary star systems. (July 1996)
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  • A Walk on the Wild Side by Chris Floyd
    Chris takes a tour of the southern sky from the comfort of an automated binocular chair that he built for viewing the heavens.
    (May 1996)
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  • The Clayton's Supernova by Fraser Farrell
    Did someone mention a supernova in NGC 5128! (April 1996)
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