Volunteers Needed

Help Support the ASSA & Astronomy in South Australia

Our Mission: To observe, understand, share and to enjoy the wonders of the Universe

Our Vision: To inspire and enrich the astronomer in everyone

The Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA) relies critically upon its members to volunteer their time in order for the Society to function. Please consider turning your passion for Astronomy into helping the Society to serve its members and the general community. You will be part of a dedicated team making a real contribution and helping to maintain a balanced workload amongst fellow volunteers.

Members can volunteer to serve on Council as elected officers, or they can serve in non-elected roles by appointment, or they can support the Society in less formal ways.

Volunteer opportunities become available at various times, and are listed on this page to help members identify roles that may best suit them.

Current Volunteer Opportunities (updated 28 May 2023)

  • Young Astronomers’ Officer: ASSA wants to increase its encouragement and the assistance provided to its younger members. We want to improve the understanding and enjoyment experienced by our young astronomers of:
    • The science of astronomy
    • Viewing the night sky
    • Mixing and learning with other young astronomers.
    We are seeking a volunteer who will work with others to develop strategies and implement programmes to engage and support our young astronomers. ASSA currently supports young astronomers through:
    • Practical information and exercises in The Bulletin
    • Fun astronomical challenges at public viewing nights
    • Inclusivity in all members nights at viewing sites


  • Co-ordinator for Northern-Metro Viewing Nights: The Society regularly provides viewing nights for the public which are always very popular and enjoyable for all who attend – ASSA members included. We are seeking a volunteer, or two, who will work with a small team to co-ordinate approx. three public viewing nights during 2023. Below are some dot points to give you an overview of what the role of coordinator for public viewing nights entails:
    • Contacting the venue regarding availability, access and resources required
    • Liaising with the Outreach Officer, Web Master, and Communications Officer
    • Taking queries from the public about the event
    • Working with others to assess any impact of adverse weather conditions on the day
    • Assisting with setting up on the day and managing the program


  • Telescope Operators of all abilities: Telescope operators, who volunteer their time and expertise at events, are critical to the Society engaging with the public and sparking interest in all things astronomical.
    You do not need to be an expert to pass on your enthusiasm for the night sky.
    If you are interested in volunteering as a telescope operator, come to the next viewing night / event for the public to get a feel for how the evening is organised and to experience the joy of adults and children alike.


  • Councillors: Councillors provide much-needed general support to ASSA’s Council. They get involved with projects and events, gain valuable experience from within Council on how the Society functions, and develop new skills along the way.
    New councillors are important to the long-term health of ASSA. At present, there are three Councillor positions available in 2023 for which expressions of interest are currently being sought.


  • Contributing Writers: The Society is seeking members to write regular or one-off articles for The Bulletin and/or the ASSA website in the following areas:
    Deep-Sky Objects and/or Observing
    Astronomy & Space News
    Reviews: Equipment, Software or Book.


If you want to know more, please contact Lisa Lavan, ASSA Secretary via email: secretary@assa.or.auor by phone on: 0408 262 111.