COVID Update

Current as of: 28 April 2022

ASSA COVID Safety Requirements


  • ASSA regularly reviews and updates COVID-19 Safety Requirements for its in-person meetings and events to ensure the safety of its members and the general public.
  • ASSA has in place SAGovt approved COVID Safe Plans for all its in-person meetings and events, as well as a number of additional ASSA-specific COVID Safety Requirements.
  • Changes to COVID Safety Requirements can be made and implemented at short notice. Check the ASSA website ( and meeting/event emails before travelling.
  • The current ASSA COVID Safety Requirements are summarised below.


COVID Safety Requirements (SAGovt) – Apply to all ASSA Events

  • Members and visitors must not attend if they are unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Attendees are required to abide by social distancing (1.5m apart) and hand sanitising.
  • People are encouraged to wear face masks if unable to physically distance.


COVID Safety Requirements (ASSA) – Apply to all ASSA Events

  • NEW: ASSA recommends that attendees wear a face mask while indoors.
  • NEW: Attendees are required to disinfect their hands before touching any merchandise, literature or equipment.
  • NEW: ASSA recommends attendees consider their personal health and circumstances first when deciding whether to participate in any events.


COVID Safety Requirements (ASSA) – Apply to Member Viewing Nights

  • Members must sign the ASSA Attendance Register upon arrival.
  • Member Viewing Nights are strictly for members only. Members of the same family are NOT allowed entry unless they are also ASSA members. The only exception being one (1) non-member parent or guardian needs to attend in a guardian role with an underage ASSA member.
  • Only disposable cups and spoons must be used for tea/coffee.
  • NEW: Use of BBQ facilities is permissible.


COVID Safety Requirements (ASSA) – Apply to Public Viewing Nights

  • Public Viewing Nights remain suspended until further notice.
  • NEW: ASSA expects to resume public viewing night in August 2022.