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How We Do Astronomy: Visual Observing & Astrophotography by Paul Martinaitis & Sarah Longcor

Join us this month in our live broadcast with ASSA members Paul Martinaitis and Sarah Longcor as we discuss their different journeys into Astronomy. How they started, the equipment they use, and tips they can offer others in their journey.
Paul started observing with his Dad from a young age using a 2-inch Tasco telescope on a homemade equatorial mount. After a break of many years his interest was rekindled with the purchase of a SkyWatcher 12-inch scope. He joined ASSA in 2009. Favourite celestial objects are globular clusters, bright nebulae and galaxies. He also makes occasional forays into planetary/solar imaging.

Sarah started doing astrophotography when last year she and her husband purchased a small telescope to look at the Moon. That was the beginning of her love for Astronomy. She joined ASSA in March 2019 and has been an active member of the ASSA Imaging Group since. She enjoys imaging galaxies and nebulae.

The show will be streamed LIVE on our YouTube channel with the opportunity to ask questions via text chat.

The Members Show, as the title suggests, is an opportunity to increase engagement between members at all levels by sharing knowledge, experiences and questions with other members in a convenient and digestible format — video — and to ask questions in real-time. Think of it as an ASSA TV channel with incoming questions/comments (like Q&A on ABC). The show also gets automatically recorded and is then accessible anytime on YouTube.

Please note, this is not a General meeting, nor intended to replace General meetings.

As a new concept, it’s most important the Society receives feedback from its members. This will help us shape the format and content of any future shows.

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Friday 15 May 2020

7:30 PM - 12:00 AM




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