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The night sky is full of deep-sky targets for beginners and experienced observers alike. The cold nights of winter have arrived. Join Paul Martinaitis and Joe Grida as they take us on a tour of the most spectacular and some rarely seen objects in our winter night sky. From nearby emission and planetary nebulae, to galaxy groups, and quasars halfway across the Universe, you’ll be equipped with a vast list of target objects to keep you observing all winter!

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BIO: Joe Grida has been observing the sky for over 50 years. He has been a member of ASSA since 1973 and has served continuously on Council since 1974. Currently holds the position of Technical Information Officer. His extensive astronomical knowledge and experience with public outreach equip him well to answer the inevitable questions from the public about life, the universe and everything! He is a visual deep sky observer, chasing elusive photons from dark skies whenever he can. Which isn’t often enough!

BIO: Paul Martinaitis started observing with his Dad from a young age through a 2-inch Tasco on a homemade equatorial mount. After a break of many years, his interest was rekindled with the purchase of a SkyWatcher 12-inch telescope and he joined ASSA in 2009. Favourite targets are: globular clusters, bright nebulae and galaxies. He also makes occasional forays into planetary/solar imaging.


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Friday 18 Jun 2021

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Online - YouTube & Facebook



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