Astronomy Education: October 2022

The Astronomy Education talk precedes the General Meeting which features the main presentation for the evening. Both ASSA meetings are held in-person and are open to the general public.

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Finding the Venue: The Braggs LT entrance faces the Barr Smith Lawns and is located at E10 on the map.

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Galaxies | ASSA Astronomy Education

presented by Kathy Coombs, Young Astronomers Officer

Abstract: After exploring our own galaxy, The Milky Way, we will look at the Local Group of Galaxies and beyond. The various types of galaxies will be discussed and how they are classified using Hubble’s Tuning Fork diagram.

Bio: Kathy Coombs is a physics, science and mathematics teacher with an interest in all things space-related. Kathy has always had an interest in astronomy but it was not until a few years ago when she realised that she knew how stars worked but not their names that she began to actively pursuing a deeper understanding and knowledge of astronomy. Kathy is ASSA's Young Astronomers Officer and is in the process of establishing a young astronomers group “The Protostars”.

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Event info

Wednesday 05 Oct 2022

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

The Braggs Lecture Theatre (University of Adelaide) and Online

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