Group and Private Bookings

Private evenings can be booked at Stockport Observatory for your school, club or group, or for special occasions. Booking fees vary depending on the number attending and the requirements of the group. Visits may be any day of the week by prior appointment.

Planning Your Visit

The best time to plan your booking is usually around a first quarter moon. This will allow us to show you the moon through a telescope, and some of the other brighter objects in the night sky. If you prefer a dark sky to observe fainter objects (such as galaxies and faint nebulae), then new moon or last quarter moon are preferred. Observing near full moon is not recommended because the brightness of the moon makes it difficult to see many of the fainter objects in the night sky.

Booking Fees

The following fees are charged for private bookings at Stockport Observatory:

  • For schools, Scout groups, or other educational organisations:
    $250 booking fee, plus $12.50 per child over 10 children

  • For all other private bookings:
    $500 booking fee, plus $25 per person over 10 people

To Make a Booking

For more information or to arrange bookings for observatory visits, please e-mail or telephone the Observatories Director on (08) 8388 5980 (after-hours).