Lunar Eclipse

On 15th April, the moon will rise in eclipse as seen from Adelaide at about 5.50pm (if the hills aren't in the way of your view of the eastern horizon!) It may be hard to see as it rises, but it will start moving out of the "umbra", the darkest part of the earth's shadow, almost immediately: one side will start to get brighter, and this will probably make it look very 3-dimensional for a while as the shadow appears to retreat. It should look reddish in colour in the darkest parts. It will be completely out of the umbra at about 7pm. It will be another hour or so before it moves out of the "penumbra", the fainter part of the shadow, so it wont be its normal brilliance until after 8pm.
There will be another total lunar eclipse this year on the 8th of October - this time the whole of the eclipse will be visible from Adelaide, not just the second 1/2 - and a partial solar eclipse on the 29th of April.