Northern Yorke Peninsula Regional Branch

The local branch of the Society is known as the NYPpers. A few of us began to get together in 1996 as a result of Comet Hyakutake, which was an amazing sight in our relatively dark skies. Slowly our observing sessions became more regular. We became a recognised branch within the ASSA and have continued to enjoy some great observing together. At present there is 6 members who attend the monthly observing sessions, along with family, visiting members, interested locals and others.

Our first group coordinator was Mike Mattiazzo. His knowledge of the sky and his enthusiasm backed up by years of practical experience has lead to improved skills for us all. Mike moved from the local area due to work commitments, but has maintained close contact with the group. Our next coordinator was Will Godwood who also left to travel the world participating in his other hobby Small Bore Rifle Shooting which allowed him to compete in the 2012 Olympics in London. Our current coordinator is a local enthusiast Ian Finch.

We use our own telescopes, as well as the unaided eyes to observe the moon, planets, stars, comets, galaxies, nebular, meteor showers, occultation's, auroras and more. Some of the instruments we use include a home built 315mm reflector, home built 250mm reflector 100mm reflector 150mm reflector, 60mm & 160mm Takahashi refractor and assorted binoculars.

Meetings & Viewing Nights

The NYPpers meet at Sharples Road on the eastern side of Wallaroo for most of these observing nights. The sessions are very informal and relaxed and include a variety of targets ranging from really easy to nearly impossible.

We have had local schools, clubs and public groups attend our viewing nights. Anyone with an interest in astronomy or just plain curious are more them welcome to attend our meetings. So if you want to have a look at what our local skies have to offer, or learn about that dusty telescope, please contact us and find out more,