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Finding Out More

Your local school, council or university library is a good source for astronomical material, including astronomical textbooks, telescope making manuals, yearly data books, astronomy magazines and even astronomical software!

Some camera shops can supply astronomical equipment, and most bookshops have a science or astronomy section. Specialist shops exist in some of the major cities, which sell binoculars, telescopes, astronomical equipment and books. Science museums usually have a good selection of astronomy books and aids, and can put you in touch with your local astronomy club.

The Internet has proved very popular with both professional astronomers and amateur groups. Web sites include links to astronomical space programs, professional and amateur observatories, amateur astronomy societies. Web sites now exist for most major astronomical product suppliers such as telescope manufacturers, producers of astronomical software, CCD camera manufacturers, astronomy book and poster suppliers, and astronomy magazine publishers. University astronomy departments also have interesting Web sites relating to current research in astronomy.

Professional observatories have visitor centres which are open during the day, and several planetariums exist in Australia, which allows you to find out about the stars even when it is cloudy!

Contact your local astronomical society! Most astronomical societies have a club house or astronomical site near a major city. Check the phone book, call and find out when their next viewing night is happening.

Welcome to astronomy!

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